Caite & Brian

May 12, 2018


Are you changing yo—

No, we are not changing our last names to Hamilwhite. Caite is planning to take Brian’s last name, as she’s already been writing it in all of her notebooks since 1999.

Will there be an after-party?

Yes! Join us downtown at Magnolia’s Taco & Tequila Bar. We’ll have (more) drinks.

Do you have a wedding party?

We’re opting out of a traditional wedding party. If you’re invited, you’re in.

Do I get a plus-one?

As Oprah says, YOU get a plus-one! And YOU get a plus-one! And YOU get a plus-one!

Are kids allowed?

This is a grown-up event and we’d love it if our friends could celebrate with us unencumbered by the rigors of parenthood for the night. But we know it’s hard to find childcare in an unfamiliar city and a few of our guests will even have new babies they can’t part with, so yeah, kids are allowed.

What kind of cake will there be? Any vegan or gluten-free?

The reception will offer more than a dozen kinds of cake, including a gluten-free option. As for vegan cake, no. Get out.

What about alcohol?

There will be an open bar with beer, wine and two signature cocktails. (There will also be water and coffee.)

Where are you registered?

We have a very limited registry on Amazon.com. If nothing there strikes you but you’d like to send your love, mail it (until you hear otherwise) to:

300 13th St. NE
Charlottesville, VA 22902

What should I wear?

This is a black-tie event. Just kidding. Cocktail attire is preferred (florals encouraged!). Please note: It’s a backyard wedding and the ground may not be conducive to super spiky heels.