REL 617 / Theology, Gender, & Violence



In which we define our terms and our task.

Week 1 (9/2): Introduction

Week 2 (9/9): The Idea of Cultural Violence

Week 3 (9/16): The Construction of Gender

Constructing Theology

In which we consider two constituent parts of all Christian theological discourse, the Bible and the very names of God, in light of their possible implication in gendered violence.

Week 4 (9/23): Gender and Violence in the Bible

Week 5 (9/30): Names of God

Week 6 (10/7): Christology

Constructing Gender

In which we explore a major element in the classical constructions of femininity, masculinity, and sexuality that has been seen as implicated in a culture of violence.

Week 7 (10/14): Femininity (I)

Reading Week: October 20–24

Week 8 (10/28): Femininity (II)

Week 9 (11/4): Masculinity (I)

Week 10 (11/11): Masculinity (II)

Week 11 (11/18): Sexuality (I)

Thanksgiving Break: November 24–28

Week 12 (12/2): Sexuality (II)